Global Citizen
  • Students will develop and establish an awareness of the responsibilities of contributing individuals in a diverse society. They recognize and respect the differences in values that may exist between themselves and people from other countries or from varying social and cultural backgrounds.

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    • Participate effectively in civic life through knowing how to stay informed and understanding governmental processes.
    • Exercise the rights and obligations of citizenship at local, state, national and global levels.
    • Understand the local and global implications of civic decisions.
    • Involved in community service and humanitarian efforts
    • Respectful of others in a diverse society
    • Digitally literate (digital citizenship)
    • Know how to make appropriate personal economic choices.
    • Understand the role of the economy in society.
    • Act responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind.
    • Demonstrate personal integrity, honesty and ethical behavior.
    • Responsible steward of the environment

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