• Home Education and Private Tutoring in Big Spring School District


    If a family chooses to home school, the family must submit the following to the Superintendent: 

    1. Letter to the Superintendent requesting Home Schooling
    2. Affidavit (notarized) – indicating age of child at the time of the affidavit completion
    3. List of Objectives being taught for each Subject
    4. Copy of High School Diploma or GED for the Home School Supervisor
    5. Immunization record/medical exemption letter
    6. Proof of Residency

    The student must be instructed/supervised through a properly qualified tutor or through a parent or legal guardian with a high school diploma or GED.



    • August 1st All applications and affidavits relative to home schooling must be received by the District on or before August 1st for the upcoming school year.
    • Ongoing For individuals new to Home School the affidavit must be submitted to the Superintendent prior to the implementation of a home schooling program.  The Superintendent gives home schooling approval in writing.
    • June 30th  All home schooled students must submit a Home Education Evaluation Form – completed by an approved Evaluator.



  • For more information regarding please contact:

    Mrs. Sharon Hoover

    45 Mt. Rock Road  Newville, PA  17241