Staff Spotlight

  • Get to know Mr. Anderson!

    Mr. Scott Anderson

    High school: Fleetwood Area

    College: Kutztown University and Shippensburg University

    Something he wants people to know about him: Before teaching, he was a World War 2 reenactor which was aired on TV! 

    What his passions are and how they have affected him: History, traveling, and learning. Traveling allows him to see and experience new things as well. And learning allows him to create better understandings of different things.

    His favorite vacation ever taken: Going to Spain in 2014 as a chaperone. This trip gave him the chance to experience different cultures, foods, music, etc. He said it was very relaxing and enjoyable.

    If money wasn’t a factor, he would see himself: Living in Portland, Maine. It's his favorite place to travel to because of the beautiful harbor, the relaxing aura, and the area itself. 

    His favorite memory with his family: Going to Cleveland, Ohio to the Christmas Story house. The Christmas Story is his favorite holiday movie and to be able to watch it after that trip and say “hey I was sitting there” is really cool to him and his family.

    Something he does for the community he would like you to know about: He is the Tempus Club advisor, which he says is his greatest pleasure and hopefully, legacy. Tempus gives him a constant opportunity to give back to the community. He hopes that this club teaches kids lessons that will be used when they are living life on their own.