Staff Spotlight

  • Get to know Mr. Barnes!

    Travis Barnes

    High school: Greencastle

    College: Hagerstown Jr. College and Shenandoah

    Something he wants people to know about him: Before teaching, he wanted to be a game warden, but teaching always felt right.

    What his passions are and how they have affected him: Baseball was one of his first passions and it allowed him to go to college and get an education. He is also passionate about being outdoors. It gave him the opportunity to get away.

    His favorite vacation ever taken: When he visited a college friend who lived in Curacao. It was his first time leaving the country.

    If money wasn’t a factor, he would see himself: Living on a ranch or a large piece of land out west.

    His favorite memory with his family: Spending the week in Myrtle Beach for his wedding.

    Something he does for the community he would like you to know about: He owns a company called Hardball Outdoors that allows kids to get to know anything and everything about nature and the outdoors. He also uses this as an opportunity to mentor young men who don’t have a father figure in their life.