• Dear Big Spring High School Families,


    It is my great privilege to be the principal of Big Spring High School in the Big Spring School District.   We are a school of over 800 students located in the beautiful Cumberland Valley of central Pennsylvania.


    We believe that learning is fun, interesting and challenging and that everyone in our school can and should be doing it because it changes lives.   This is our “Why”.  It is what motivates us to get out of bed in the morning.  It is the reason we exist as a school, and we endeavor to keep this idea at the center of all the lessons and interactions we have among, and between, the students and staff that come to us every day. 


    The “What” we do is clearly defined by our District mission statement.  What we do is, “provide challenging curricular and extracurricular opportunities, within a safe environment, that meet the unique needs of every individual”.  We strive to use the learning that takes place here to strengthen and grow each and every student towards possessing the characteristics of a Big Spring Graduate when they leave us.   Our “What” centers around connecting our students to their passions and preparing them to meet their goals to take their place in a wider world.   To this end, we are a comprehensive high school with a myriad of academic offerings open to all students, including a wide variety of advanced placement courses, college in the high school experiences, career and vocational offerings, and numerous internship opportunities, to name just a few.  


    “How” we do this is a combination of using researched-based instructional practices, accessing student data to drive and differentiate our instruction, and maintaining a culture of high expectations that allows space for student choice and challenges their thinking.    Our students are amazing, as are the staff at Big Spring High School.  A big part of our “How” is leveraging the strong relationships that exist here to push students. 


    We don’t operate in a vacuum and the success of our students and school is a function of the great support we receive from our Board of School Directors and the community as a whole.   We are greatly appreciative of the resources that are provided for us and are humbled by the trust and support our parents and community show us every day.   


    Should you have any needs during the school year, please feel free to e-mail me at baugust@bigspring.k12.pa.us, contact the main office at 776-2434, or check our building webpage for resources and useful information.   


    Thank you and we continue to look forward to “shaping the future, one student at a time” with you.


    Bill August