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Morning Parent Drop Offs

Over the last few months the morning drop-off of students has gotten busy and thus increased the chance of a terrible accident.  In order to head off any issues, we will be instituting a change in the morning drop-off procedure. 

As you enter campus, you will see this sign:

Drop off sign

If you are choosing to walk your student up to the building, you will need to stay to the left of the concrete divider.  Please do not go to the left of the divider and then allow your student to walk across traffic and into the building alone.

If you are simply dropping off your student, you will stay to the right and pull up as far as you can stopping just past the main entrance.  With this, your student will be able to get out safely from the passenger side and onto the sidewalk.  Getting out on the passenger side is key to ensuring no kiddos are out in traffic as cars are leaving.  Once your child is safely out of your vehicle, you are free to go.

Thank you for seeing this change through and most of all, thank you for keeping our kiddos safe every day!