Newville Student Spotlight


    Every month a student will be chosen from each classroom who possesses the qualities to be a "Spotlight Student".

    Mr. Wonders will also choose a student for the entire school.

    These students demonstrate kind and helpful traits and think of others before themselves.

    March Spotlight Students

    Kindergarten: Alaura Dugan, Janae Reisinger, Issabella Bowers, 

    First Grade, Brantley Huntsberger, Peyton Mowery, Alexis Barrick

    Second Grade: Raulla Wonders, Zoey Fauntleroy, Asher Albright

    Third Grade: Kaelyn Keifer, Eli Keebaugh, Alex Eisenberg

    Fourth Grade: Gabriel Snuffer, Ashton Olewiler, Benjamin Brown 

    Fifth Grade: Rhys Griffith, Alahna Rostad, Gabriel Jarnagin

    Mr. Wonders: Kiler Carney

    Not Pictured: Raulla Wonders, Alex Eisenberg, Ashton Olewiler