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    Below you can find an outline of what your child will be learning about this year.  


    We will be utilizing Seesaw and Class Dojo throughout the year.


    Language Arts/Fundations:

    *Learning lowercase/uppercase letters, letter sounds and how to form letters

    * Listening and isolating the beginning, middle and ending sound of each word

    *Tapping out words (cat, dog, bug, duck)

    *Rhyming words

    *Syllables (cat- 1 syllable, table ---ta/ble- 2 syllables)




    -Number identification & writing- 1-20 in random order

    -students should be able to name and describe each shape (ex: square- 4 sides, 4 corners, all sides are the same)

    -Comparing numbers- which has more/ which has less to 20

    -Ordering numbers 0-20

    - Count to 100 by 1's

    - Count to 100 by 10's

    - Adding and subtracting within 10

    - Breaking and putting together numbers within 20




    Special Schedule                                                                


    Only on Fridays.  Students will be given a monthly calendar that outlines specials for the the month. 



    Classroom Supplies

    * 1 pack of EXPO dry erase markers





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