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Big Spring School District - Parent Thought Exchange

On behalf of the students and the community that we serve, we invite you to please contribute your thoughts about Big Spring School District.  


We believe that schools must work closely with parents and community members to ensure that the needs of all students are met.  In January of 2018, we engaged in this process asking the community to help inform our deliverables to students as a result of their experience at Big Spring.  The result was the development of our Profile of a Graduate. This Profile articulates six core attributes that we are intentionally building our K-12 program to deliver for each and every graduate.  Those six attributes for our students, as defined by your participation last year are:  Global Citizen/Empathetic Advocator, Creator/Innovator, Collaborator, Continuous Learner, Critical Thinker/Problem Solver, and Communicator.  For more information on our Profile of a Graduate, click HERE.  


Our intention through this exchange is to connect with you again to gather feedback and input on our communication strategies.  Ultimately, we want to see what we are doing well and also hear where you feel there is room for improvement regarding our communication on your child’s progress at Big Spring.  As evidenced by our Profile of a Graduate, we look to put your thoughts from this exchange into action.  


To join the conversation, please click on the link below. You’ll be asked to share your thoughts through a series of open-ended questions. You will also be able to read and rate the thoughts of others immediately after you have finished sharing thoughts of your own.


Please note that your thoughts will be shared with others, but your name will be kept confidential.


Your time spent engaged in this process is very much appreciated, as you will be directly contributing to District planning and decision making as we continue to shape the future, one student at a time.


Thank you for your important contributions!


Dr. Richard W. Fry
Superintendent of Schools


Click HERE to join the conversation!