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The Profile of a Graduate

Collaboration between students, staff, parents, school board members, community members, business partners, and higher education has led to the development of the Big Spring School District’s Profile of a Graduate.  The Profile of a Graduate not only succinctly articulates what our stakeholders desire in our Big Spring educational process, but what is necessary to be successful in life.  Input was solicited starting in mid-January of 2017 through a tool called ThoughtExchange.  The process was highly successful, recording input from nearly 2000 participants contributing almost 4500 ideas or suggestions.  The Profile of a Graduate or 6C’s are the product of that input and process.  The District and its staff have been hard at work aligning student learning experiences and opportunities from kindergarten through twelfth grade to these 6C’s.


For more information and to view the Profile of a Graduate in its entirety, click the link below. 

Profile of a Graduate