• Elementary Standards Based Report Card Overview

    Beginning the 20-21 school year, elementary report cards will be available via ASPEN for all three trimesters. A hard copy report card, that contains information from the entire year, will be mailed to students at the end of the school year. If you would like to request a hard copy report card in the first or second trimester, please contact the Main Office in your student's home building. 

    What is Standards Based Grading?    Standards-based grading aligns assessments to specific grade level standards or learning objectives in order to measure mastery of those skills. This is a grading approach that values the development of skills over time vs. the accumulation of points for a grade; standards based grading seeks to reflect students' mastery of grade level content as opposed to work completion and organization.  Standard based grading scores are reflective of the students learning at a specific point in the school year providing students and families with meaningful feedback on the student's current academic progress.

    How do I interpret the numeric feedback?     Our report card provides specific information about the level of proficiency on the learning targets that are taught each trimester. These learning targets will vary each trimester in subjects as new content is introduced. Therefore, the grade for each trimester communicates a student’s progress as compared to where we would expect him/her to be at that moment in time.

    Grades K-2: Primary students are scored on a three point scale, with a three denoting students are meeting proficiency on assessed standards for the designated trimester. 

    K-2 Report Card Scale

    Grades 3-5: Intermediate students are scored on a four point scale, with a four designated above grade level work. As students demonstrate proficiency at different points in the school year, teachers will differentiate learning to ensure all students show academic growth; in some cases this may include teaching above grade level material which will be identified accordingly the SBRC. 

    Scale 3-5

     For Grade Level specific report card guidance, please view the support documents via the navigation bar to the left.