• Evidence of Learning


    Flexible learning time is awarded and tied to specific in-service days in the BSSD District Calendar. Agreed upon evidence must be submitted prior to receiving hours. Hours must be accumulated and submitted by the deadline communicated annually.

    Goal: Provide professional learning opportunities that have a direct impact on students.

    Evidence is submitted to demonstrate the application of professional learning

    • Direct evidence via student work, video, observations, reflection, formative assessment data, etc.
    • Indirect evidence via action plan, lesson plans, summative grades, teacher created materials, etc.

    This model requires the application of professional learning and submission of evidence prior to the awarding of professional learning hours.

    A document with Examples of Evidence is available in the "Forms & Documents" section.

    How to Submit Evidence in PD Planner

    (pdf downloadable in Forms & Documents Section)

    Log into the EduPlanet website

    • eduplanet21.com
      • Log in with your school email and EduPlanet password.
      • If your password does not work, go through the “forget my password” process.
    • If you still cannot access your account, submit a Help Desk ticket.

    Finding Your Plan

    • Go to the EduPlanet homepage. (Web-like graphic)
    • At any point, choose the “house” icon on the top-left of screen.
    • From the homepage, choose “My Plan” that is appropriate for this school year.


    Submitting Evidence for Flexible Learning Activities

    • Select your plan for the appropriate school year and level
    • Review Learning Goals (Strategic Plan Pillars) and select area your flexible learning activity is aligned.
    • Choose “Create Activities for Goal” button.
    • Create Professional Development Activity by completing ALL fields.
      • Name - Should be the Name of the Learning Activity that was pre-approved.
      • Hours Earned – the number of hours you were approved for the learning activity.
      • Activity Type - Please note the format of the learning activity.
      • Activity date – can be the actual date of the activity (i.e. workshop) OR the start date of an ongoing learning activity (i.e. PLC).
    • Upload the Evidence as approved with preapproval AND the cover-sheet as ONE File Attachment. (You will likely need to SCAN materials together.)
    • Choose “Save” button at the bottom.