• Steps to Completing Your Flexible Professional Learning

    Pre-Approval is required for all flexible learning activities based on established deadlines for the year. 

    1. Staff should utilize data and observation feedback to identify professional learning goals and activities, within the lenses of building goals and the BSSD Strategic Plan (The FAQ has question prompts to help guide this process.)

    2. Staff submits learning activity via the online google form(Departments are assigned an administrative partner for flexible learning--Listed Below.) 

    3. Proposed learning activity is reviewed by appropriate stakeholders

            Building Administrator -Reviews for alignment to building goals and strategic plan.

            PD/Wellness Committee -Professional Learning Rubric used to review hours and evidence requirements.

            C&I Director and PD/Wellness Committee Chair OR Director of Pupil Services/Special Ed Supervisor -Reviews for K-12 consistency and to communicate final approval to staff via email.

    4. Staff receives notification of activity approval

    5. Staff completes learning activity as described in proposal

    6. Staff submits evidence via PD Planner as described in the proposal or requested via the approval process to verify completion (step-by-step directions on how to submit evidence are in the "Forms & Download" section)


    Mr. Sinkovich

    Mr. August

    Mr. Smith

    Mrs. Nace

    Mr. Kireta

    Elementary Principals

    Health & PE

    Tech Ed/ Ag 






    Special Ed

    Pupil Services


    Social Studies

    World Language

    Instructional Coach


    Social Studies


    Arts Team (Art, Music, PE, FCS, Tech Ed, Business, Library)

    Instructional Coach



    Special Ed

    Pupil Services

    All regular and special education staff assigned to your building.




    Shared Staff

    Music – Mr. Wonders

    Art - Mr. Wonders

    HPE – Mr. Wonders

    Library – Ms. Kimble

    Counselors -- Ms. Kimble

    Pupil Services (Speech, Gifted, Nurse) – Mrs. Ward