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    Fall Sports Information 2020

    Please read below:

    • All varsity fall sports teams can begin official practice Sept 4th.
    • Middle School teams begin on Sept. 8th
    • No heat acclimation will be needed because of the official start date after August 28th.
    • First possible game date for Varsity and MS is Sept. 25th. Golf is the only exception and the first possible official match date is Sept. 10th. 
    • Temperatures and pre-screening questions will be performed before every practice and game. 
    • Updated schedules have not been released yet by Mid Penn. Once they have the Athletic Department will communicate them out.
    • Masks and social distancing need to be enforced when applicable
    • Make sure you have physicals completed and turned into the athletic office before official practices begin. You will not be able to take part in team functions until this happens. 

    Below are emails for the coaches for HS and MS Fall Sports. Please email, if you haven't been in contact this summer,  them with your contact information and they will provide you with fall sports practice schedules and important season information. 

    HS Sports- Grades 9-12

    Football- Joe Sinkovich- Jsinkovich@bigspring.k12.pa.us
    Field Hockey- Angela Noreika-  anoreika3@gmail.com
    Volleyball- Cara Rhone- vball4dogs@gmail.com
    Golf- Andrew Koman- akoman@bispring.k12.pa.us
    Soccer (Boys) - Scott Anderson- sanderson@bigspring.k12.pa.us
    Soccer (Girls)- Matt Kump- mkump@bigspring.k12.pa.us
    Cross Country- Robert Jumper- runnerxc99@aol.com
    Cheer- Cecelia Zukauckas- zukauckasleadership@gmail.com

    MS Sports-Grades 7-8 

    Football- John Fetchkan- fetchkan@aol.com
    Field Hockey- Meghan Bullock - mbullock@bigspring.k12.pa.us
    Cross Country- Jenna McIntire- jmcintire@bigspring.k12.pa.us
    Cheer- Cecelia Zukauckas- zukauckasleadership@gmail.com


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